Charity Of The Month

Who We Are:

We're about hope, not heartache. As Buncombe County’s critical safety net since 1984, we are always here to save and protect every animal. We have mastered the art of saving lives within our walls and now we are going even further, helping our community’s pets and their people thrive together. We are going beyond a no-kill community to ensure that each animal has the quality of life they deserve – a life worth living.


What We Do:

Adoptions:  Each year, we find loving homes for thousands of animals including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, farm animals, and more!

Relocation:  Hundreds of animals each year are sent on our relocation van to partner shelters across the country. Due to the low number of strays in these areas, shelters are willing to place specified animals into their care while giving us more space to take in additional Buncombe County animals.

Foster:  Our volunteer foster families open their homes to over 1,000 animals per year who are too young, sick or scared to be immediately adopted.

Volunteer:  Hundreds of volunteers take on a variety of tasks to help care for and promote our animals, assist administration, and represent AHS at community events, allowing more time for our staff to do their jobs efficiently.

Lost and Found:  Incoming animals are scanned for a microchip, photographed, placed on our website, and then held for 72 hours so worried families can search for their missing pets. Reports of lost pets are filed and reviewed when new animals arrive at our shelter.

Community Solutions:  We offer services and resources to pet owners in our community who need assistance with their pets due to personal or financial constraints. We make every effort to ensure that pets remain in their homes with the families who love them.

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Many of us wouldn't be where we are without the goodness of others, so help us give a little goodness back! Every month, 1% of total sales goes to a good cause. So whether it's local or global, if you have an idea for a charitable cause we'd love to hear it. Simply drop us a line at: